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Throwback to the Caterham - Forza Rossa deal in 2014, in which Ecclestone played a big role (Very long read)

This is the story (or the mess) surrounding the Caterham - Forza Rossa deal in 2014. The story is very entangled. I translated this because I feel the effects of F1 withdrawal and maybe, for some of you, will kill the time til Friday. Added some parts of mine too. Lots of politics, corruption. It's a godamn thriller.
I will not do a TL;DR because it simply cannot be done more than the title says. If you have trouble sleeping, read it. AND READ THE NOTES AT THE END FIRST
The ties are maintained by greedy ministers, controversial oligarchs, dentists who have become trusted people, floor washers turned overnight into Directors of Formula 1 teams, plus two key figures: Bernie Ecclestone, the 83-year-old with a fortune of nearly $5 billion, and Victor Ponta, Romania's 42-year-old prime minister (ages in 2014), passionate about motorsports. One of the most influential people on the planet, Ecclestone is turning his favorite toy, Formula 1, to eastern Europe in search of new sources of income, regardless of color and smell. Ponta needs such a toy for which he is willing to pay, but not out of his own pocket.
Old Romulus Kolles, real name Colesnic, laughs at the rumor that he was Ceausescu's dentist. "I was a mechanic, I finished Polytechnic." His son, Calin, or Colin as he is known in Formula 1, with whom he emigrated in the 1980s to Germany, is a dentist by profession, but for a while he works as a "firefighter" in the sport transformed by Bernie Ecclestone in his own business. He saves teams," says the proud father. For the past 9 years, Colin has been director of Jordan, Midland, Spyker, HRT F1 Team and Force India. Of those, only the last one still existed in 2014 in Formula 1, and Kolles' reputation certainly is not one commensurate with his father's praise.
The story begins with the two Kolles, or Colesnic, as you prefer, because they hold the key to Romania's entry into Formula 1. They are the turntable between Ecclestone and the crew supported by Victor Ponta.
Let's go back in time by 10 years.
The ProSport reporter asks: "How did your son get into Formula One?"
"I can't tell you.", Romulus Kolles said, but fatherly pride takes control of the tongue: "A Russian billionaire came to visit us. We asked him to do a Formula 3 team and he said he will not do that. He said to Colin: . My son bought Jordan . The Russian locked his son in a room with all the papers. For months, he checked all the papers. Then he took Jordan and... This Russian had a Ukrainian partner, a university professor. He didn't like Formula 1. The Russian was a smart man. A smart Jew. I'm not Jewish, but I esteem them."
The Russian billionaire Kolles senior is talking about is Alex Shnaider, a Canadian billionaire born in Leningrad 43 years ago but settled in Toronto after his family initially emigrated to Israel. A business partner with Donald Trump, Shnaider bought the Jordan team in 2004 for $60 million, and Kolles was appointed director. The first Russian Formula 1 team launched their car in Moscow's Red Square and scored 12 points in 2005. In 2006, renamed Midland F1 Racing, the team did not produce any more points, and at the end of the year the Russian-Canadian businessman exited Formula 1, selling the team/spot for $102 million. $42 million more in less than two years!
Alex Shnaider has a fortune estimated by Forbes at $1.5 billion in real estate and metallurgical industry. Kolles senior is right. In 2004, Shnaider had a Ukrainian associate, Eduard Sifrin, a university professor. Meanwhile, the two broke business ties. Sifrin remained with 1.6 million square meters of commercial, residential and hotel spaces in Russia, and Shnaider took over the business part of Canada and the Dominican Republic.
Like other Russian oligarchs, Shnaider got rich overnight in President Boris Yeltsin's tenure from the privatisations of the remaining industrial colossus legacy after the breakup of the USSR. Coincidentally or not, the marketing director of Midland F1 Racing was named Boris Yeltsin junior, grandson of the former Russian president.
Shnaider's image is not impeccable. He was accused of giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to Moscow police to put pressure on a business partner. Islamist media speak of his ties to Mossad, the Israeli secret service, and conspiracy theorists suspect the recruitment of two major pawns in the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001.
What was Alex Shnaider, a controversial billionaire, doing in the Kolles family home in 2004? Colin was involved in several Formula 3 projects, but nothing of the scale sought by Shnaider. The explanation came right out of Bernie Ecclestone's mouth: "I feel a little guilty that I advised Shnaider to buy Jordan," the Formula 1 master said in February 2006. So the billionaire visited the Kolles family on Ecclestone's advice. But what relationship did the Romanian-Germans have with the most influential man in motorsports to be recommended by the man nicknamed El Supremo?
According to the statements, Kolles is handled by Ecclestone, a disclosure containing a significant dose of conflict of interest and influence peddling. Why does the F1 boss need a team director that he places as a chess pawn in some hot areas of the phenomenon?
Bernie Ecclestone is the emperor who has been leading Formula 1 since the late '70s, the auto-moto version of Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president increasingly accused of corruption in recent years. The son of an English goon, a former director of the Brabham Formula 1 team, Ecclestone built his position in sport by controlling TV rights: 47 percent of the money went to the teams, 30 percent to the FIA, and 23 percent went into the F1 boss's pocket.
"Abuse of influence in Formula 1 is huge. It's a lot of business. You know, it's not what you see on TV that's Formula 1. There are other things, many. If I wrote a book about what's in there, you'd be scared." - Romulus Kolles, November 2014.
In 2006, the investment giant CVC Capital Partners bought all Formula 1 Group shares, including Bernie Ecclestone's share, from the market. After trying to bribe the officials of the German bank Bayerische Landesbank to sell their shares to CVC, the head of F1 bought shares in the newly established firm Alpha Prema that controls the Grand Circus.
During the trial, Ecclestone was accused of bribing three team executives, Eddie Jordan, Alain Prost and Tom Walkinshaw, $10 million each to sign the new TV rights agreement.
Accused by German prosecutors of paying $44 million in bribes to Gerhard Gribkowsky, a former director at Bayerische LB, Ecclestone escaped conviction by paying $100 million to Bavaria. During the trial, Gribkowsky told investigators that Ecclestone had tricked the British IRS by avoiding paying nearly $1.5 billion in taxes, a third of his estimated wealth in 2013.
A possible explanation for tax evasion ignored by the UK authorities can be found in a case in 1997 under Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The Blair government's drastic tobacco advertising policy suffered a sudden sweetening after a secret donation by Ecclestone to the Labour Party. Ecclestone needed major F1 tobacco sponsors and had ways to get government favors, too. Health Minister Tessa Jowell, later secretary of state for sports, was also involved in the scandal. Her husband had worked for Ecclestone. Following British media pressure, the Labourists revealed they had received a £1 million donation from Ecclestone. Tony Blair publicly apologized for the scandal, but lied about making the decision. After the term ended, the internal memos from 10 Downing Street showed that the change in tobacco advertising policy was taken immediately after meeting Ecclestone.
17 years after the scandal in which he took the Prime Minister and the Social Health Worker in the UK, the head of F1 turned to the Social Democrat government in Romania. In December 2013, Ecclestone announced the opening of the Formula 1 gates for new teams. In the first wave of registrations appeared Forza Rossa, a project led in plain sight by Ion Bazac, a former Minister of Health, with controversial relations inside the Social Democrat Party from Romania, and supported from the shadows by Prime Minister Victor Ponta through the current Minister of Health, Nicolae Bănicioiu. The interface between Ecclestone and the Romanian part is provided by Colin Kolles. "In the FIA app, Colin's name appears because he got all the approvals from Ecclestone," reveals Romulus Kolles, father of the "firefighter" Colin.
Here are the main events in 2013-14. It helps us to better understand the behind-the-scenes of the case.
December 2013: Ecclestone announces FIA awaits new teams in Formula 1
February 2014: A delegation led by Nicolae Banicioiu, Minister of Youth and Sport of Romania, meets in Geneva with FIA representatives
April 2014: Ecclestone announces the filing of the files of two teams: HAAS and Forza Rossa, and says the FIA wants to accept them.
June 2014: Ecclestone says the new projects submitted have been accepted by the FIA.
June 2014: Forza Rossa announces that the team director will be Colin Kolles.
July 2014: Romulus Kolles is appointed director of Caterham Sports Limited.
July 2014: Constantin Cojocar, a former footballer at Steaua Bucharest, arrives at the Caterham factory in Leafield, who is employed as a carer. Cojocar was hired to clean the factory.
July 2014: 40 employees at the Caterham factory in Leafield are sacked by new investors and are suing the company.
September 2014: Cojocar is appointed director and sole shareholder in Caterham in place of Romulus Kolles.
October 2014: Cojocar officially introduces Caterham into insolvency.
October 2014: Although Colin Kolles denies he is behind Cojocar, and Engavest announces that he has sold Caterham, the former footballer admits that his boss is Kolles.
October 2014: The international media takes possession of Cojocar's statements before the Supreme Court in London in which he says the Caterham factory is going to draw and build cars for Caterham and Forza Rossa. Kolles is suspected of wanting to secure Caterham's assets for Forza Rossa at a reduced price.
October 2014: Forza Rossa announces that it has nothing to do with Kolles' involvement at Caterham and that he is still awaiting official confirmation from the FIA regarding his participation in the 2015 F1 season.
November 2014: Caterham does not participate in F1 races in Austin and Interlagos. Marussia is in the same situation.
November 2014: Court administrators at Caterham claim they have received offers to sell the F1 team.
November 2014: FIA announces the provisional list for the 2015 season. Forza Rossa wasn't on the list. The final list is expected to be announced on November 30, the date by which new teams must pay $518,000.
November 2014: Caterham's judicial administrators launch a fundraising campaign for the team to participate in the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi. In the first 24 hours, they raise £400,000, and Bernie Ecclestone condemns the initiative.
And now, let's dive deeper into this complicated story
On 2 June 2014, renowned F1 journalist Adam Cooper wrote that the FIA had accepted the Forza Rossa dossier, a team to be led by Ion Bazac, "the president of a consortium of private and state investors whose reason is to promote Romania's interests and which has the support of the government". Immediately after this information emerged, Bogdan Sonea, marketing director of Forza Rossa, told the romanian website Gandut that the project is "entirely private".
Things don't add up. At the end of February, the then Minister of Youth and Sport, current Minister of Health, Nicolae Banicioiu, had met with representatives of FIA in Vallery, near Geneva. The reason for the visit was, according to another renowned journalist, Joe Saward, to present the file to FIA engineers led by technical director Bernard Niclot.
If the project is "entirely private," what did a minister look for visiting the FIA to expose the technical details of some Formula 1 car? If the answer is "promoting Romania's interests", then why the information that Nicolae Banicioiu is lobbying for a project of national interest did not appear on the Ministry's website?
If Banicioiu is the "right hand" of the current Socialist Democrat Party leader Victor Ponta, the man who runs the project, Ion Bazac, is a businessman brought into politics in 2000 by former Socialist Democrat Party chief Adrian Nastase, who also recruited Ponta politically.
A former Employee of the World Bank, Bazac is a capitalist who has fallen at one point into the clutches of social democracy. He has several apartments in Monaco, has Ferrari's franchise for Romania and Moldova and runs his business with his wife Camelia through the holding company Forza Rossa, an offshore firm that has the registration address in a mailbox in Nicosia, Cyprus. Ion Bazac and Camelia Bazac have an estimated fortune of 15-16 million euros by Forbes magazine. Both were doctors, but in 2005 they were granted the right to import the Ferrari brand into Romania.
In June, all Forza Rossa employees declared, black on white, that the project would be led by Colin Kolles. On October 30, after the start of the ProSport investigation, they said: "We have no agreement with Colin Kolles at the moment." Untrue! According to Romulus Kolles, Colin is listed in Forza Rossa's application at the FIA.
But what links Ion Bazac and Colin Kolles, Ecclestone's trusted man? According to Joe Saward, if he enters Formula 1, Forza Rossa will use the technical facilities of the Kolles family in the Bavarian town of Greding. From here Romulus and Colin Kolles coordinate the activities of their Lotus Kodewa team in the World Endurance Championship.
The key is Lotus, the British manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. The Kolles family is the official Lotus importer, Ion Bazac is also the official Lotus importer. In 2012, Bazac, the Romanian businessman opened the world's first Lotus Originals store in Monte Carlo, and the ribbon was cut by Prince Albert of Monaco himself.
Therefore, the team suspected of fueling the money of Romanian citizens, Forza Rossa submitted its application for entry into Formula 1. But what is the participation cost?
Given that it's a small team, the spending is comparable to those at Caterham. The British team's latest accounting balance shows that in 2012 spending on a season was $73 million: $27 million on staff costs, $27 million on research and $19 million on administrative costs. If Forza Rossa wanted to build a team from scratch, tens of millions of dollars were added at the end of the line for the car and equipment. If, however, the Romanian project takes over the assets of another team, the costs decrease. How competitive a team can be that competes with slow cars taken from others and repainted is another discussion. In Formula 1, small teams know their place, but money has to flow.
Coincidentally, in June, after Ecclestone announced acceptance of the Forza Rossa project, Colin Kolles, the man who is to become the team's director, returned to Formula 1 as an advisor to Caterham, a team bought by Engavest, a mysterious "Swiss-Arab" company. Hence begins the fast moving of the events leading to the conclusion that the British team Caterham was sacrificed by Ecclestone to make way for the Romanian low cost project supported by Victor Ponta, the Romanian Prime Minister.
To resume it a bit: Colin Kolles' first move was the appointment of his father, Romulus, as director. Then was Constantin Cojocar, a former team-mate of Hagi at Steaua in the spring of 1988, former bus station chief in Brasov, who posted a CV on the Internet announcing that he wanted an unskilled worker position abroad. Coming to the Caterham factory in Leafield as a caretaker, Cojocar became a director and shareholder of the firm in just one month, in place of Kolles senior, while another 40 employees, mainly engineers, were fired. The fired officials immediately sued the company.
In a discussion with ProSport reporters on 31 October 2004, Romulus Kolles revealed that he had paid three Romanians, including former footballer Cojocar, to spy on employees at the Caterham factory. A few days later, Kolles senior told ProSport: "We kicked 40 employees out because there are 300, sir, and they do nothing except drink coffee all day. I have written data, I have information. There's pictures of them sitting for coffee instead of producing. Yes, it was a an easy life at Caterham. One night there were over 80 people on the computers and sometimes the power went out and they didn't do anything. In England, you get paid after you produce."
After finishing his job as a "carer" and "spy", Cojocar was appointed director by Colin Kolles – a fact recognized in an interview for ProSport – and put the company into insolvency. According to financial experts consulted by ProSport, insolvency is a perfectly legal way to reduce a company's liabilities. Caterham had debts of 23 million debts and if someone from the outside who wants to take over the team at a reduced price manages to infiltrate the company, insolvency is the cheap solution.
The situation was summed up at the end of October 2014 by Racecar Engineering, the world's leading motorsport technology magazine: "Caterham is now on sale, and all the pieces Forza Rossa needs will be sold at a low price."
Definitely, Forza Rossa will compete with already used cars, let's call them secondhand. "Romania does not have the technology to build a Formula 1 car. If Forza Rossa intended to do this, we would have found out from the distributors. The cable part comes only from the US, UK or France, tanks are made only in the UK, gearbox in the UK or Austria. No one has given any signal in the market that they want new products," British journalist Sam Collins explained.
At the Supreme Court in London, Constantin Cojocar, the newly appointed director of Caterham, said: "I bought Caterham Sports with the intention of drawing and building cars for Caterham and Forza Rossa." "He bought" = he was named by Colin Kolles as director. The problem is that the "Romanian investors" who had to pay down Caterham's debts stopped paying, Cojocar argues. (what happened was that soon after the Prime Minster of Romania said the Government isn't involved in any way and no public money were to be spent, official papers submitted to FIA were published by the media. The Prime Minster himself and one Minster from his Cabinet have signed the papers and they committed to invest public money into the team. The day after, Forza Rossa made an official statement saying that they need another call of confirmation from FIA - they already had the file approved, this was just the bailout -. Ofc, the new confirmation didn't came, FIA didn't needed to do it again. So Forza Rossa didn't paid the entry fee).
This is where the corruption that Kolles senior was talking about comes into action again. Having prepared Plan A at Caterham, Colin Kolles and the people at Forza Rossa can easily turn to plan B. Even C or D. The financial crisis in Formula 1 allows them.
The surprise could've come from the Russian team Marussia who had just announced that they were severing their work and laid off 200 employees. According to F1 specialists, Marussia is a cheaper option than Caterham, where Kolles is fighting former owner Tony Fernandes. "By the first tests in 2015 there are 10 weeks left, and the Marussia is slightly better than Caterham. The important work on the Marussia MR03 model is already done. Adaptations for the Ferrari engine, transmission, regular chassis, aerodynamic tests. Kolles has nothing to do but a discreet redesign. He's done that before with the HRT F1 team. Caterham uses Renault engines. If Forza Rossa wants Ferrari engines, working on Marussia chassis will be easier," says Sam Collins. Outside the Marussia plan, Kolles has two other options: Sauber and Force India, teams that were in great financial difficulty. Marussia is a bargain, the other two cost.
Mid November 2014, FIA announced the provisional list of teams for 2015. Caterham and Marussia were on the list, but no Forza Rossa. At this point, Romanians decided to back down because everything transpired in the media. With an approved file to join, they took the easy way out. They didn't paid the entry fee of $518.000 by November 30.
Constantin Cojocar was targeted by an investigation in the UK following the events. Last thing I knew about it was from 2016. I have no idea what happened to him.
\this is a translation of the investigation work made by the journalist Costin Stucan*
\I have modified the text to give it more sense, but I haven't changed the narrative*
\A lot of the article has been cut because it involved too much politics and corruption*
\Even if I cut like 25% of the article, there's till much politics involved. Because that's how F1 works. If I would've removed it completely, this would had zero logic*
\There are 4 or more articles about this matter. The interview with Cojocar is very good. He is a simple and ... quite stupid individual. So he told everything with a sincerity of a 5 years old child. If you are interested in that, let me know and I will translate*
\First events regarding Jordan and the entering of Kolles occur in ~2004. The Forza Rossa story is ~2013-2014. Don't get confused by that. You will get confused anyway by the names*
\If any mistakes slipped in or if it's something that you cannot understand (doesn't make sense), let me know and I will sort it out. On such a long text, I am sure I fucked up many times*
\Even if everything colapsed in a mater of hours, 50M EUR were transferred from Romania to some Swiss account for Forza Rossa's beginning in F1. No one knows anything about the whereabouts of the money.*
\I might do more edits on the text for formatting or other grammatical errors. I'm sorry, English is not my native language and I've never studied it. I've learned it on my own and I lack a lot of stuff still.*
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[KICKOFF] Mark Darrah Twitter Table (June 15- June 16 230pm)

Previous Day: June 14
I thought I'd build a table (via Excel scripting) of all the tweets Mark Darrah (@bioMarkDarrah) has been putting out there since he started the #AMAAAA effort to answer people's questions. First, I plan on updating this approximately daily. I've created a publicly available Google Sheet (not-editable). I'll also be condensing the information into a list of known information about Anthem. It does not have photos, as that's too much work for me to track. It's not been completely cleaned up yet, but should have all the actual tweets and retweets. Enjoy!
From here forward, I'll post the latest tweets in a daily post, and will keep the master Google Sheet updated.
Here's the Google Sheet
Here's the Reddit Table (breaking into single days to fit in a post):
Name Reply to Question Answer Time
BlackDragon1032 @BlackDragon1032 @BioMarkDarrah Will Javelins get worn out with usage ? No but we have visible wear states 2 hours ago
Andreas Sundgren @asundgren @BioMarkDarrah Will we be able to remove/reduce size/tweak the damage numbers on screen? #AnthemGame Working on that now 2 hours ago
yuval @yuval1mosseri @BioMarkDarrah why does the psn store release date says 12.31.2019? It’s an error 4 hours ago
Jason @Astravex1 Replying to @TheBiomedic @gem_ishh and 2 others They have got a Legion of Dawn edition at the moment, but they haven’t made a collectors edition yet. No editions beyond the 2 announced currently planned 4 hours ago
Reynolds @O1_photography @BioMarkDarrah will anthem have colorblind settings in the options? a lot of my friends are color blind and I hope #anthem will have the feature at launch Yes 13 hours ago
Ron @BigKid_Dreaming Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Hope there will be an option to at least make them smaller so you can see the enemy better We are looking at this too 13 hours ago
✪KAKAROT✪ @KAKAROT_BCN @BioMarkDarrah Anthem: 4K 60fps on Xbox One X? We’ll see 18 hours ago
Marco Tibayan Malone @Run4urlIf3 @BioMarkDarrah Do we only get personalization loot for the javelin we have equiped? Not exclusively, no. I think it will bias that way 18 hours ago
Probably not @Wing_Edu Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Does every piece of gear have a different look? No 18 hours ago
Raj Patel @big_raj_8642 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Are these cosmetic swaps or stat boosting armor? Those would be cosmetic. Stats come from gear 18 hours ago
Garytilton @Garytilton2 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Alot of stuff I'm just wondering what kind of equipment we will get an can change the armor to a stronger lasting killing machine lol an relocate weapons like iron Man I'm a big picky custumizer lol Yes for gameplay, there is a lot. 18 hours ago
Master Betty @Noktifer Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Can we swap parts instead of the standard Head, Arms, Legs, Chest. Maybe have, Head, Left Arm, Right Arm, Chest, Left Leg, Right Leg, maybe even Left Boot, Right Boot? Some of thise 18 hours ago
Garytilton @Garytilton2 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah So we are kinda limited to what we can do to are javelins are those only custumizable options for now? What were you hoping to do? You can change the look pretty dramatically 18 hours ago
Connor Clay @NordRonnoc Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Smartass. Indeed 19 hours ago
Lancelot Rose @LancelotRose Replying to @BioMarkDarrah My assumption is more like shaders in D2 where you can apply on parts / sections of the Javalins e.g. This paint on the arms but another pain on the chest. Is that right? Kinda 19 hours ago
Noisy Ram @Noisy_Ram Replying to @BioMarkDarrah you might not like the comparison but, does the paint job work same way as shaders did in Destiny 1 ? they paint the entire armor and apply some details ? There are regions that can be painted. 20 hours ago
King Z 🎥 ⚡ 🃏 @khan_zaiyan Replying to @BioMarkDarrah What do you mean specifically some parts? U don't have to answer I'll understand We will have more detail later 20 hours ago
Sir Lazlo The Great @SirLazloTheG @BioMarkDarrah when you’re in the cut scene outside of Fort Carson’s do you still get dialogue options? and if your in a party does your teammates get dialogue options too like in Star Wars the old Republic? No dialogue options in cutscenes that occur which others 20 hours ago
TmunkYT @Tmunk77 @BioMarkDarrah Are we able to change the color of our Javelin at will or is there a shader system like Destiny? If you can't answer I understand. You can change the colour, paint job, and some of the physical parts in Fort Tarsis. The ability to do so doesn’t wear out Some cosmetics will be earned / purchased but they aren’t single use 20 hours ago
Red @xRed0ctobeRx Hi, @BioMarkDarrah was wondering... I havent seen you post about clans. If you did, sorry I missed it. But will there be some sort of support for clans/guilds in Anthem? We will talk about social systems later 21 hours ago
xXxDeltaEchoxXx @xXxDeltaEchoxXx @BioMarkDarrah do you have more concept art of the interceptor? Probably 21 hours ago
Daniel with the fitibit @acidhail5411 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah will each javelin have different skill trees? Javelin abilities are determined primarily by gear. The Freelancer will get perks by leveling that affect all Javelins 21 hours ago
gtstrullo99 @gtstrullo99 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah can you say an aproximate date for "later" ? No 21 hours ago
Christopher L. @Noble_Clev @BioMarkDarrah Is this a Dominion Javelin in this concept art? Yes 21 hours ago
Sam Deluca @BossBellini @BioMarkDarrah Hi Mark, will we be able to chase that amazing ultra rare item? A Gjallarhorn? More details on loot and progress later 21 hours ago
Colonel Dice @ColonelDice @BioMarkDarrah Hi Mark what will the apartment be like in Anthem ? Please answer Details later 21 hours ago
Tchitchikov @tchitchikov59 @BioMarkDarrah Will there be allied alien races? Can we play something other than a human? No 21 hours ago
Kyle Roller @KyleRoller1 @BioMarkDarrah I really wish people would quit asking the same questions and take a moment to read for themselves. Me too 21 hours ago
divad_daweed @divad_daweed Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Could u please add a Hug Emote? That'd be great for interactions between players That’s a tricky one because it requires some synchronization between 2 Javelins of potentially vastly different sizes 21 hours ago
Andreas @McBavarian @BioMarkDarrah The max level of a character? Balance on going 21 hours ago
Nowar Droubi @Dr98Nowar Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Will there be a reason to do so? Like a daily mission or a weekly one There will be rewards for helping others complete missions 21 hours ago
Multirman @RmonRobinson Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Will we be able to replay story missions after completing them? Yes 21 hours ago
Fogu @head_fogu @BioMarkDarrah Hi Mark, when are we waiting for the next video on the game from you? will there be diaries for developers? How are you, Mark? I hope to do some dev diaries 21 hours ago
RAOH @RAOHOKUTO Replying to @BioMarkDarrah 1 Javelin 1 character like destiny? No. You can switch between Javelins at Fort Tarsis or in your Strider 21 hours ago
Left to right Ranger Colossus Interceptor Storm 21 hours ago
TheMoistShakeDeluxe @MoistShake Is this it @BioMarkDarrah? That’s one of them. Let me find out which is which. 21 hours ago
TheMoistShakeDeluxe @MoistShake @BioMarkDarrah what anthem tattoo should I get? A javelin? A symbol? Give me something please! There are symbols for each of the Javelin types... They were in the press conference but I don’t know if we have released them anywhere else... 21 hours ago
Boop @Shotwell25_ Replying to @BioMarkDarrah So does that mean that if you have 4 people in the hold, 3 can leave and you can attempt to solo it? No 21 hours ago
rras1994 @rras1994 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah What happens if someone loses internet connection or a player leaves? Are you automatically kicked out of the stronghold? No 21 hours ago
Evan Hughes @EvanHughes17 @BioMarkDarrah What is your favourite javelin? Colossus 21 hours ago
Rory Young @bluexy Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Heyyy, that's a shift from the last time you answered! Glad to hear y'all might go back and see what's possible post-launch. This is why absolutes are hard. After launch, a whole lot of things change. 21 hours ago
Brandon Young @Brandon40070641 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Isn't everywhere 4 player only? You can play story mission with 1-4 players 21 hours ago
陰茎 @Spectatron Replying to @NathSAFC10 @BioMarkDarrah i believe strongholds are 4 player only Correct 21 hours ago
TheMoistShakeDeluxe @MoistShake Replying to @BioMarkDarrah You’re evil Mark! Give me 2 more viable words of storm and il get an anthem tattoo! Elementalist Light 21 hours ago
Moe @SoftieNamedG @BioMarkDarrah How likely is Cross-Play Between Xbox and PC ?? Not currently in the plan for launch. Afterwards? I guess we will see 21 hours ago
Nathan Cull @NathSAFC10 @BioMarkDarrah how much will individuals who dont enjoy multiplayee, be hindered in anthem? Would i miss out on anything Hopefully you will give coop a shot! You can play all story missions alone 21 hours ago
TheMoistShakeDeluxe @MoistShake @BioMarkDarrah describe the storm javelin in 3 words!!! 1. The 2. Storm 3. Javelin Whew! I did it! 21 hours ago
MistressTrevelyan @Muirnara Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Be honest, Mark, how much caffeine are you on right now? All 22 hours ago
TheKingPenguin @OGKingPenguin @BioMarkDarrah I know you talked about "fast travel", im wondering if the fast travel majorly affects gameplay. The reason I ask is because let's say in a amazing emersive world like skyrim being able to fast travel doesnt force you to discover the world. Skyrim has fast travel 22 hours ago
brandon @angelus6787 @BioMarkDarrah can you trade loot to other players? No trading planned at launch. We want to ensure we can control game balance 22 hours ago
Brandon Young @Brandon40070641 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Am I the only one following his every tweet. Maybe 22 hours ago
Frank Goodall @frankgoods Replying to @BioMarkDarrah I feel like this is the question you’ve been asked and answered the most, maybe pin it ? Lol Yes, it might be 22 hours ago
Ambush Medic @BioMedicAmbush Replying to @BioMarkDarrah You're starting to repeat yourself a lot. Yes 22 hours ago
K. Allen @ArezKeith @BioMarkDarrah will there be a way to turn off the damage numbers that appear on screen? We are working on this. 22 hours ago
Xypod @Xypod13 Replying to @NateSurber @BioMarkDarrah His fist? The shield? Both 22 hours ago
BSN BioWare forums @BSNforums Combat cover mechanic looks unlikely in @BioWare's #AnthemGame. But that's ok because waist-high walls are problematic in an Exosuit and 'soft-cover' using terrain (if necessary), or a shield, is better anyway. I love this image! 22 hours ago
Michael Newsom @Spartan901 @BioMarkDarrah could u please answer if there are any cinematic scenes such as ones we saw in the trailer that occur outside Fort Tarsis? There are 22 hours ago
Raul Colon @GhettoTron03 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah It's been mentioned that the colossus moves but at a slower pace. It may be ok to assume that all the suits have their own speed. It's been hinted that the interceptor is very quick, even in the footage you see how fast it is. Overland (out of combat) they are the same so the group can stay together. The colossus is the least nimble 22 hours ago
Brandon Young @Brandon40070641 @BioMarkDarrah Does loot level depend on your level or enemy's level? Your level determines level of drop. Situation influences rarity 22 hours ago
They and Them @theyoverthem @BioMarkDarrah it was said your character can be cybernetically enhanced. Is this just for combat? Or will we see extra feats happen in story if you are enhanced vs not? No cybernetics in Anthem as far as I know. Or at least not the way you are thinking 22 hours ago
Mark DarrahVerified account @BioMarkDarrah He’s got a shield And he can fly. Just not as nimble 22 hours ago
Marc Evans @CommanderFlynn Replying to @BioMarkDarrah but the giant tank can't be as mobile right?! He’s got a shield 22 hours ago
Tchitchikov @tchitchikov59 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Thx for the answer ! Last question: will there be a cover system as in mass effect andromeda ? We really want you to use the enhanced mobility of the Javelins in combat 22 hours ago
Tchitchikov @tchitchikov59 @BioMarkDarrah Are there missions without javelins? What questions can we ask you to answer? You do no leave Fort Tarsis outside of a Javelin. 23 hours ago
Juan Carlos Mora @ArkIsFun Replying to @BioMarkDarrah If you're in a mission and you get downed and your revive timer ( if we do have a revive timer ) goes out will we respawn or die for the whole mission? I believe you can wait for a team revive indefinitely. But you can also respawn at the last resupply point you hit 23 hours ago
Levi Meadows @_LeviMeadows @BioMarkDarrah do you wish people would take time and look up what you’ve already answered, or has already been answered? Yes Jun 15
Blairdog @l3lairdog Replying to @BioMarkDarrah I’d just prefer a smaller size of typeface. Looking into that too Jun 15
XeroFaith64 Streaming @XeroFaith64 @BioMarkDarrah Will there be a colorblind mode? Yes Jun 15
Jonah Schettler @gilgamesh_v9 @BioMarkDarrah If Cross-Platform play isn’t feasible in the near future, would you guys consider being able to share save files/gear across multiple platforms?… We are looking into that. Some issues with transfer of progress Jun 15
John David Brittain @brittaij18 @BioMarkDarrah will there be daily and weekly challenges we can complete for extra xp and gear? More on this later Jun 15
Dj @armydj2016 @BioMarkDarrah ok are loot drops Shared or independent to each player? Loot drops are instanced to player Jun 15
Andrew Chiclayo @Hii_Andrew @BioMarkDarrah Will there a setting where you can turn on and off number damage? Looking to add now Jun 15
Raul Colon @GhettoTron03 Is there an "AUTO PILOT" feature, for long distance travel, or is there another means of travel to get to a far off distance? Some games offer a teleport or autorun feature to help travel long distance. @BioMarkDarrah You can unlock quick travel points Jun 15
DrDavidHuxley @JonofLeyden Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Does this mean unlike say Borderlands everyone has their own personal drops when playing coop? Yes Jun 15
ChristopherRobin @ChristoR20 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Will loot drops be based on your level or the level of the encounter @anthemgame. If Im 1st level and group with a party of 100l will I get a level 1 drop or a level 100 drop? Loot drops are based on your level Jun 15
ChristopherRobin @ChristoR20 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah it seems i didnt clarify what i meant. If im level 1 and I group up with a party of level 100s, will i get level 1 loot or level 100 loot? Level 1 Jun 15
Sly Nation ✈️@home @Sly_Nation @BioMarkDarrah Mark! Incredibly excited to see what Bioware has been working so hard on, and thank you for taking the time to answer the fans. My question is...Are Javelin suits based off of Shaper technology? Also, will there be any out-of-suit encounters? #AMAAA That’s to discover in game
ChristopherRobin @ChristoR20 What prevents people from grouping up and getting power leveled by friends @anthemgame? You may not be able to pick up what was dropped for someone else but that doesnt prevent you from picking up drops fro you. What prevents people a 1st level character from grouping with a 100l You still need to level up. They can carry you some Jun 15
FreelancerCodex @FreelancerCodex Replying to @ChristoR20 @anthemgame I think @BioMarkDarrah answered a question that you will get drops based on your freelancers level. I’ll have to go hunt for it. Correct Jun 15
Geerard @GeeraardV @BioMarkDarrah Hello Mark, 2 qests, i already pre ordered Anthem and i want a game that challenges me, will Anthem have some Hard options or something?, will you expand the wold later?… There will be things to challenge you. We aren’t discussing post launch content yet Jun 15
Mikebrink @MikeTheDane @BioMarkDarrah is it only the javelins we get to lvl up or will our character also have some form of level progression or abilities when going about Fort Tarsis #Anthem #getthebetaout The Freelancer has a level and perks Jun 15
Turki Aldhuhayyan @Sincronic12 Replying to @xXFaRiS_SaXx @BioMarkDarrah Peer-to-Peer* Dedicated Servers Jun 15
A name @Neo40323504 Replying to @BioMarkDarrah Will you be able to see other players health bars, I don’t know why you would need to but can you I think so, yes Jun 15
Spectre2199 @Spectre2199FSG Do you get to choose which one you want to unlock first, or is there a path that you must follow? You do different mission to unlock each and those can be done in any order Jun 15
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I Now Use The Reinhardt [An Anti-Reinhardt Meta Reinhardt build]

Reinhardt. We all know him. We all love him, or hate him, or love to hate him, or hate to love him. No matter your relationship with him, he's become our savior in the past few days. Now, we use the Reinhardt. And how better to celebrate the second coming of Bulldozer the Destructor than by sharing with you the MOST SKILLED REINHARDT BUILD KNOWN TO MAN. This build is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, because it's pretty... well, I'll let Ephraim take this one. This is a skilled Reinhardt that can beat ANY SKILLED ROY. Yeah, that's right PM_ME_EDGEWORTH_NUDE. Fight me.
So without further adieu, the build...
Weapon: Dire Thunder
Assist: Reposition
Special: Moonbow
A-Slot: Death Blow 3
B-Slot: Lancebreaker 3
C-Slot: Goad Cavalry
Seal: Quickened Pulse
...THAT WISHED IT COULD SCRATCH THIS BUILD. I'm not talking about garbage builds like that. This isn't kiddie's first SI. I'm talking about a REAL build. For REAL MEN.
Ladies and gentlemen and whatever Lucius is, the REAL BUILD:


Oh I'm sorry, you thought speed was the worst boon for Reinhardt? Well, I thought you were a smart, enlightened individual. I GUESS WE'LL BOTH JUST HAVE TO BE CONTENT WITH BEING WRONG, THEN.
Reinhardt is the Incredible Bulk, a monster in the making. He'll steal your girlfriend and defeat Thanos AT THE SAME TIME.
But a trade-off for this prowess is that he's slower than that tourist in front of you ordering something to eat; I mean jesus, just pick something off the menu already it's been like five minutes. It's not hard.
I mean, speed is clearly his dump stat, so a speed boon is going to be useless, right? Hahahahahaha NOPE. A speed boon is absolutely necessary if we're going to even hope to pull off the shenanigans that you'll see in just a moment. A res bane is needed because let's face it, most of the attackers trying to take this stalwart stud down are going to be physical. Magic is everything, but so is not getting stabbed in the face.

Weapon: Blarowl+

AWWWWWW SHIT. I couldn't have heard him right, could I have? Did he say Blarowl?
YEAH. BLAROWL. This is the core piece of this build, so PAY ATTENTION. In a normal match, Reinhardt is pretty much gonna be rolling with his cavalry crew anyway, so you might as get some sweet sweet spur action going on in the mix. Where Rein goes, they go. They're tight like that.
This Reinhardt isn't your quick and impulsive Reinhardt, rushing out into the field to ORKO a unit before you can say, "Oh no I didn't realize I was in range, PULL BACK REPOSITION REIN MAYDAY MAYDAY."
This Reinhardt is a chessmaster; smooth and calculating. He waits for the enemy to come to him, where he and his posse will be waiting.

Assist: ...Swap?

I don't know what you would need an assist for. Everything's going to be dead except for the headliner, Rein and the Reinstones. You're an adult, you can figure it out.

Special: Moonbow

Some things just never go out of style. Suits. That Eames lounge chair. Antique 17th century Bavarian mousetraps. And most of all, Moonbow.
Moonbow shows that this Reinhardt isn't here to toy around. He's all business, and he can only spare 7 minutes to play with you. He's there to end things, not prolong them. Moonbow means he gets the last word in during a round of combat, where the enemy attacks throws a pitiful single attack out, only to be steamrolled by Reinhardt in response, with a Moonbow processed for the coup de grâce.
Some people prefer Bow Lyn, Reinhardt prefers to Moonbow Lyn.

A-Slot: Close Counter

The second key component of this build. Let's face it, that Takumi on your bench wasn't doing anything anyway. No sense in letting perfectly good pineapple go to waste. Why not use him instead to let Reinhardt annihilate, uh, EVERYTHING? With Close Counter, there ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep him from getting to you.
Though there are trees.
...So I guess hide in trees?
Whatever, you can't inna woods forever.

B-Slot: Obstruct

Bet you thought I was gonna say Quick Riposte, didn't you? Well guess what? Assuming that you have Hone Cavalry and Goad Cavalry active, allies on all three, or even just two sides, summoner S-support, and an S-support ally beside you (See also: NOT MESSING THIS UP), you're going to be hitting so much speed you won't even know what to DO with it. Reinhart, that slow tiny-handed tortoise, is going to be hitting 46 speed on enemy initiation, or 50 speed if he's a 5* + 10.
So why Obstruct? Because while you've got your posse flanking Reinhardt, who is protecting them from flanking? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The answer is the same for every answer, to everything: Reinhardt, or 42 depending upon context. He's not just a wall anymore, he's an obstruction... OF JUSTICEtm.

C-Slot: Threaten Res 3

Reinhardt's a pretty intimidating guy on the best of days. We all know someone like that, where we feel inferior next to them. It drives us to work hard and become like them, gaining a little more confidence and talent along the way. Then suddenly out of nowhere, BOOM, your resistance is down five points. That's life sometimes.
Threaten Res assures that any who survive that first retaliatory volley of magic, do not survive that second, player-phase retaliatory volley of magic. That means -5 points for Gryffindor, and everybody else too.

Seal: HP +5

Hey, if you don't have your health, then what do you have? Not this Reinhardt, clearly. But even for the god that he is, sometimes even Reinhardt just needs that extra oomph. That oomph is HP +5.
Now, this is a build that relies upon making a lot of assumptions. It assumes that:
  1. You've got both S-rank Ally and Summoner supports on Rein.
  2. You're playing defensively and letting enemy phase do the bulk of the work for you.
  3. You've got direct, adjacent access to at least two allies (one of which is S-support) when combat is initiated during enemy-phase.
  4. You've got Fortify Cavalry, Hone Cavalry, and Goad Cavalry on your other 3 units, and are actively applying them to Reinhardt.
  5. You're manually playing the game, instead of getting your baby hand held by the baby coddling auto baby battle AI. You know, like a baby.
But this build is dumb! Defensive Reinhardt is dumb! You're missing the point of the character!
Am I? Because if those above assumptions are met, this Reinhardt, as a regular 5-star with no merges, will KO pretty much any IV & SI optimized +10 5-star (with full emblem buffs) unit that you could reasonably hope to find in the arena, including +10 QP/DB3/Moonbow Reinhardt, and any Brave Lyn as well. With this Reinhardt, the enemy will break themselves upon your shield.
But OH HO! You and Hector may think that I've forgotten about a critical flaw in this build, with its reliance upon buffs: the dreaded Panic Ploy, the downfall of kings, empires, 8th grade math teachers, and horse teams everywhere. I guess I did forget about it, and frankly it's pretty HARSH of you to point that out. If only you could COMMAND the battlefield with some sort of assist skill. One that would let you issue HARSH COMMANDs against your foes in response to their impudence.
...Rally Attack, I guess? I dunno, until there's some kind of a skill like say, an assist skill, that could reverse debuffs, I guess this will remain a huge glaring flaw in the otherwise flawless magnificence of this build.
EDIT: I have been informed that Harsh Command does not reverse panic effects. The person responsible for this grievous error has been sacked, and had every unit of theirs has been fed to Bartre. In the event that you get hit by a Panic Ploy, the proper course of action is "Don't do that you scrub."
EDIT 2: Holy cow, reddit gold! Thank you generous anonymous user! I will take it to a cave and hoard it for the rest of my days.
EDIT 3: Here's a table laying out the build for you folks:

Reinhardt (+SPD/-RES)

Attribute Completely Stock w/ HP +5 w/ Summoner Support w/Fortify, Hone, & Goad Cavalry w/ S-rank Ally adjacent w/ (2/3) Allies Adjacent Total
HP 38 43 (+5) 48 (+5) 48 48 48 48 HP (+5 seal/+5 stat)
Atk 42 42 44 (+2) 54 (+6 buff/+4 spur) 58 (+2/+2 Support/1x Owl spur) 60/62 (+2/+4 2x/3x Owl spur) 62 ATK (+2 stat/+6 buff/+12 spur)
Spd 26 26 28 (+2) 38 (+6 buff/+4 spur) 42 (+2/+2 Support/1x Owl spur) 44/46 (+2/+4 2x/3x Owl spur) 46 SPD (+2 stat/+6 buff/+12 spur)
Def 27 27 29 (+2) 35 (+6 buff) 39 (+2/+2 Support/1x Owl spur) 41/43 (+2/+4 2x/3x Owl spur) 43 DEF (+2 stat/+6 buff/+8 spur)
Res 22 22 24 (+2) 30 (+6 buff) 34 (+2/+2 Support/1x Owl spur) 36/38 (+2/+4 2x/3x Owl spur) 38 RES (+2 stat/+6 buff/+8 spur)
So you know how I said earlier that this could beat a fully emblem buffed, +10 Merged +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt with DB3+Moonbow+QP, and a fully emblem buffed +10 Merged Bow Lyn with QP?
Turns out that if you want to survive that Reinhardt, you'll need at minimum:
And if you want to survive Bow Lyn, you'll need at minimum:
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List of headlines for horror on the orient express

Thought this might help people. I’ve put together a list of headlines from around the world to start the days off with. Some of them have been moved around to even them out.
Some of them I made up based on my knowledge of the times.
Some of them, like the announcement of Stan Lee’s birth were just for my players
Some of them are based on the campaign I was running.
Anyways the list is an ongoing project but I hope this helps people. I started the list in late December in case anyone runs a prequel scenario like I did:
(Also sorry for the formatting, I’m operating off mobile from my OneNote files)
December 1922
23 - partisan infighting continues in Poland following assasination of Gabriel Narutowitz
Mysterious deaths continue in London - 4 bodies now found dead from apparent falls from extreme height. Is a rogue aeronaut to blame?
26 - violence continues in new Irish State. Parliament considers troop surge to control the violence
27 - Japanese commission new class of naval vessel - carrier of aero planes
28 - American Stan Lee born today
30 - An empire is born. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Transcaucasian republic agree to terms to form a great nation, the Union of Soviet socialist republics. Vladimir Lenin declares a great victory for the proletariat.
1 - Weimar Republic claims bankruptcy. Demands 3 year moratorium on war reparations. British say “THE HUN MUST PAY”
Parliament passes the railway act, nationalizing the British railways.
2 - new political lobby forms in US - molly pitcher club demands immediate end to prohibition
4 - Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin Demands removal of Joseph Stalin. Stalin confident he will survive the vote.
6 - coup attempted in Florida - violent white supremacist mob descends on African American town, razes it to the ground. Mob arrested by national guardsmen after failure to establish white state. It appears America may still have a race problem
7 - communist flags flown at unemployed workers rally in trafalgor square, could the workers revolution hit England?
French expeditions successfully crosses Sahara - triumphant arrival in timbuktu
8 - hundreds of Irish rebels trade fire with British soldiers in Cork. Rebels deploy machine guns and incendiary bombs, dozens of casualties reported
10 - last US troops depart the Rhineland. Lithuanian soldiers defy league of nation and enter Memel
11 - over British protests, French and Belgian troops invade the Ruhr Valley, demanding Germany continue war reparation. Partisan violence is expected
Death of a destitute king - Constantine 1st, Ed king of Greece, dies in exile in Palermo
12 - Irish rebels firebomb a train station. Station burned the the ground with a half dozen engines driven into the harbor impeding boat traffic. Casualties unknown at this time.
13 - political agitator Adolf Hitler stages demonstration in Berlin. Decries Hun surrender as the November Treason.
14 - Opinion NYT - this hitler fellow seems like a bad egg
15 - white supremacist mob responsible for mass murder in US released with no charges. African American protests erupt nationwide
French soldiers open fire on anti occupation socialist protestors - teenagers young as 13 counted among the dead
17 - Spaniard la Cuivero demonstrates new type of rotary wing aero plane. Calls it an auto gyro: is this the future of air transportation? Avionics expert count von Zeppelin says that heavier than air vehicles will never rule the skies.
19 - US treasury and British parliament come to deal on 60 year payment plan for war debts. Both Markets react positively
23 - female anarchist strikes - Melle Berthon shoots Mr. Plateau, Secretary General of the French line of action
27 - national socialists hold congress in Munich - police refuse order to detain them
29 - King George assaulted by crutch wielding shell shocked veteran
1) Ultimatum issued on Lithuanian occupation. Is Europe ready for another war? 
Italian Prime minister Mussolini establishes Blackshirts as police, special forces and political party. Are they preparing for war?
Let the Hun Freeze - all coal shipments into Germany halted
2) United States signed friendship treaty with Latin American countries 3) Major cities in the United States are launching a major initiative to install traffic signaling lights in all intersections. London mayor declares his intention to do the same. Will Europe follow? 4) Lausanne conference stalled - talks between Britain and Turkey break down 5) Mussolini orders mass arrests of socialists and anarchists in Italy 6) Adolf Hitler and supporters launch daily newspaper, NSDAP, in Paper starved Germany. Does he have a foreign supporter? 7) Do you really trust your husband? Invented at the university of California at Berkeley, and tested on the hardest gangsters of LA, now available - the polygraphic lie detector. If your husband refuses the test, what does he have to hide? 8) Soviet Union establishes national airline. So far no European country agrees to accept their routes. 9) Canadians broadast first play by play of sporting event to a of record 500 viewers. Is this a new generation in entertainment? 10) Coca cola - for vigor, for focus, for fun! Coca Cola, the drink for the socialite, and the working man. Coca Cola - mixes well with rum or your favorite whiskey. Buy Coca Cola today. If your store doesn’t sell Coca Cola, what are they selling? Tell them to stock up today. Coca Cola now with 10% more of that Columbian mix you love. (Coca Cola launches international campaign) 12) NSDAP speaks out against Ruhr Occupation. Demands immediate French pullout, warns of violence against occupiers. 13) Allied powers accept Lithuanian occupation of Memel 14) Howard Carter claims to have discovered unmolested Egyptian Pharoh Tomb. Pharoh names Tutankhamen. University of London claims this could completely rewrite all we know of ancient history 16) US wins big in Winter Olympics 18) Has your woodworking become a back breaking affair? Are your hands too hardened to please your gal? Try the new DeWalt electric powered rotary saw! 22) German Republican Party passes laws severely restricting the rights of workers. NSDAP denounces new laws 23) Britain lowers tariffs on Germany from 26% to 5% 24) Us announces thousands of arrests related to organized crime. Largest cooperation of multiple police departments and federal agencies in US history. Suggestions have arisen of a federalized investigative service utilizing the Pinkertons. 25) Inflation in Berlin causes price of Bread to rise to 5000 marks. 26) Italian nationalists and fascists combine into one party 27) Swedish king Gustav begins royal visit to netherlands 28) Gun fight in streets of Sophia - anarchists throw bombs at police 
1) Allies occupy rurgebied over the protests of the Americans and British. One protester killed by advancing troops. French declare the hun must pay their debts! 2) US senate Defies president - declares the US will not be members of The Hague international court 3) First issue of time magazine published featuring an interview with a member of the house or representatives 5) US states Nevada and Montana adopt old age pension laws. Economists around the world watch 6) Cleveland Indian managers declare, over player objection, that their players will from now on wear numbers. Christian groups declare this a push towards adoption of the mark of the beast. 8) Do you lack the constitution for mathematics? Elmer rice may have the answer for you - purchase an electric computational machine today. 9) American Union of calculators sues to end production of Elmer rice’ computational machine. Declares the device threatens tens of thousands of skilled workers. 13) First film with sound debuts in LA 14) German Supreme Court issues prohibition on NDSAP party, demands arrest if Adolf Hitler and other party leaders 15) Warren G Harding becomes first president to file to pay his taxes. Reminds fellow lawmakers that the president is first and foremost, a servant. 16) Just out of Moscow / party leader Vladimir Lenin hospitalized from third stroke. 20) Bavarian minister of interior refuses to forbid Nazi Sturm Abteilung 21) United States state department issues refusal to recognize USSR. Secretary of State turns his back on the Bolshevik delegation. 22) The stars have fallen, the pigs have flown folks. 82nd Grand National: Capt. Tuppy Bennett wins aboard 13-year-old 100/6 shot Sergeant Murphy; first US bred horse to win race 
First dance marathon in New York City; Alma Cummings sets record of 27 hours with 6 different partners
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The Superhero Gym - Part 4 (fringly - story)

I watched as the girl circled round the small area, holding a tray with icy cold bottles and smiling a fixed, somewhat glazed grin. The Bud Light Extreme Relaxation Power Chill Zone and Oxygen Bar was a little less than six meters across and as I was the only person who had taken a seat, it was inevitable that she’d soon be appearing in front of me again, no matter how slowly she walked.
I’d made the choice to sit here not out of any desire to drink the beer, or even be near the booth girl, but because by my reckoning, it was roughly the central point of the backstage area. It was wedged between the Tier 2 and the Tier 3/4 areas and was one of the few booths which had actual seats and not complex looking beanbag arrangements.
As soon as I had sat down the girl had appeared, offering a selection of beers whose name all started with Bud Light Extreme, but which didn’t seem to contain much actual alcohol. Apparently sitting without drinking wasn’t an option and so I’d picked the one with the least garish label. I’d still had no luck removing the MASCOT sticker and so I took out my frustration by peeling the red and blue label off the bottle and then flicking the small pieces onto the floor, gaining some small sense of satisfaction.
Since then she’d given me my beer, the girl had circled at a fairly steady rate, returning roughly every 90 seconds or so to check its level and ask if I would like another or a pack of the Slammin’ Jack’s Super Spicy Rancho Jerky Snaps. As she approached I again shook my head and muttered a soft decline and she wandered away, but it would only be a moment before she returned.
She was beginning to be frustrating, as concentrating on the dozens of powerful minds was proving more difficult than I had imagined. All around was a vast sea of vapid brainpower and all of it was thinking about the same things, powers, heroes, teams and their abilities. I had imagined that those with powers would be somehow distinctive, brighter or more focused, but on the whole they were almost identical to everyone else. They too were often excited to see other heroes that they looked up to and so even basic thought patterns were similar between the powers and non powers.
Back at the Cavern I had an almost complete lack of background noise and I had been able to pull back and look at the minds of the Crew as a group, as well as focussing in on each one. Here, the moment I looked more widely than even a single mind I was overwhelmed with noise and thoughts, it was maddening. It felt like a Faustian pact gone typically wrong, I had exactly what I wanted – access to thousands of powered brains, but I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume. Worst of all the damn girl was approaching again, to offer me another fucking Bud Light.
It had become clear that until I had managed to solve the issue of the booth girl I was not going to be able to get any work done at all. Perhaps I could have her ignore me, or take a break or something, anything to get just a few minutes to try to concentrate. It was with almost relief that I pushed back the flood of thoughts and concentrated on her mind, separating it out from the sea of pulsing thoughts all around.
Her mind was a soft tangerine flavour and at first it seemed smaller than usual, but as I slipped inside I realised that it wasn’t smaller, it was simply neater. It was odd to see how… how efficient it looked, kind of sleek and well ordered with thoughts that queued up and took turns moving across neatly as she observed them one way and then the other, carefully considering all angles. Concepts and ideas passed across her prefrontal cortex surprisingly swiftly and neatly; it was bizarrely erotic to watch.
I withdrew from her mind, puzzled, and looked at her more closely. This time I tried to look beyond the cropped t-shirt with slogans on the back and front and the trucker hat perched at an angle.
She was younger than I thought; thick makeup had distorted both her age and attractiveness. Whoever had decided on her general appearance had felt that “slutty” was a good aim and accomplished that by doubling down on ultra red lipstick and rouge. Ignoring the caked on makeup, there was signs that she was actually quite pretty, although it was difficult to say for sure.
I let myself drift in on her again, this time ignoring her immediate thoughts and looking through her mind more generally. This wasn’t her first trade show, it was a regular gig for her and that meant that her actions were almost completely on auto-pilot. Almost nothing was actively bring processed, her entire routine was coming directly from long term memory, allowing her to do her job, while her active thoughts flicked back and forth neatly on other things.
I let her mind continue to tick and moved back to her immediate thoughts and I waiting for one to pass by so I could observe it as it moved. Interestingly, she was watching the various Tier 3 and 4 heroes as they walked past and feeling…disgust.
At that moment two gaudily dressed members of the Michigan Crime Solvers passed by and nudged each other as they gawped at her. Very firmly in the Tier 4 category, they were some of the more pathetic examples of powers that were still able to quality for the festival. She gave them her plastic smile, but behind her eyes was a cold anger and hatred, it was thrilling to observe from inside her mind.
I carefully looked for some reason, some deep seated hatred towards people with powers that might explain these feelings, but there didn’t seem to be anything. No scarring early story of loss, no tragic family incident, hell not even a bad break-up. She simply seemed to hate them as part of the job and for their own pathetic leering qualities. How intriguing.
She had turned at the corner, smiled vacantly out into the crowd and then turned and walked up to me with the same measured walk that she used all the way round, letting her hips sway just a little more than was natural. “You need another hon?”
Her eyes were looking in my direction, chest pushed out a little and lips parted, but there was zero conscious thought and she already knew that my answer would be no, as my beer was still untouched, save from the exploratory swig I had made at the start. I wondered quite how automatically she was functioning.
I touched my beer, just as I had the last six times she passed and kept my tone the same, level and bored. “No thanks, I hate it as much as you hate your job.”
She smiled. “Just wink or wave if you need me!” And she moved on in a waft of perfume.
It took until she was almost halfway round her circuit before I felt the words slide into her consciousness and push out her thoughts. She glanced across at me, trying to work out if she had actually heard what she thought she had or if her daydream had simply mixed the words up into her brain.
She continued on her path, but more quickly, heading back to my table less than a minute later. She smiled, this time actually making eye contact. “Sorry, I kinda zoned there, did you say you wanted another beer?”
I shook my head. “No, don’t even want this one much to be honest. Say, look, do you want to sit down for a moment and chat, you don’t seem to be enjoying yourself too much.”
It was the wrong thing to say; her mind lit up with anger as she took me to be both insulting her and hitting on her. I saw a mental image of me appear and then immediately discolour with a purple tinge of dislike. Her body subtly changed, her chest thrust was less forward and she eased back just a half step to put a little distance between us.
“Sorry, I’m working here, I’m not allowed to sit down.” I could see it was true, but it was a brush off, said coldly enough that I was supposed to leave her alone. She smiled again, picked up a small piece of label that I had flicked to the edge of the table and used it as an excuse to walk to the small bar area where they had a bin. She didn’t resume her route.
Fuck. Her thoughts were now even more firmly on how much she resented her job and I was a focal figure in that, I needed to move quickly before the thoughts could process through to long term memory and so I reached out and found her mind and slipped inside.
Her image of me had now passed mauve and each time she looked across at me, her smile was fixed, but I dropped another shade. I needed to act quickly and so I gently reached out and held back her thoughts and let her mind relax for a moment, dropping her adrenaline and releasing a small spray of endorphins until her body relaxed.
It seemed the easiest thing to do would be to simply remove her thoughts on me entirely and start again and so I reached for her image of me and gently pulled, to free it from the rest of her mind. It came up, but not cleanly; I had become linked to her resentment towards her job, towards powers and towards men with no sense of personal space.
I tugged a little more but there was a reaction and her brain seemed to tense and pull backwards, thoughts now spilled past my block and she was confused and angry without knowing why. I thought of the Triplets, of how their minds had torn free from their bodies and I could see how hers was straining as I pulled at it. It was hopeless and I let go, her mental image of me sinking down and then disappearing as it entered long term storage and disappeared from view.
I released myself from her mind completely and it throbbed, injured by my actions. I considered trying to move things around, to somehow help, but it seemed like I would only make things worse. The neat mind I had encountered was now bigger, as if it had unravelled slightly as I pulled at it and I took the only action I could, standing and walking away, before she noticed I was leaving.
I tried to push the girl into the back of my mind; I couldn’t get distracted by every girl I came across who had an interesting brain and thick red lipstick. The backstage area was beginning till get busier as more teams and individual heroes arrived, or finished their talks in the main hall and this was the perfect opportunity to examine some more brains.
Of course, on the other hand it had been an interesting learning experience too and a lesson that some information was not possible to remove or reshuffle. I had assumed it was because the Triplets were, well, Triplets, but perhaps some brains worked differently. It made me pause and for one brief moment I considered going back to talk to her again… but it seemed like a poor idea. . Irritated, I turned and made my way back to the Justice Crew section of backstage, angry that I had failed to do any meaningful analysis of the various powers around me and less interested in trying again. I had somehow been outsmarted by a booth girl with a tidy mind. If felt like both of those things had been out of my control, but then that felt like I was making excuses for myself.
Back at the Crew lounge the rest of the team had finally finished their interviews and gathered together. The Sergeant was seemingly the focus and it took me a moment to remember that I had put his mind back together so that he wouldn’t wander off. To the others it seemed simply like he had finally snapped out of the strange funk that he had been in for the last while and the mood was festive.
Golden Warrior was the first to see me as he broke away to grab a drink from the private bar in the corner. I noticed with relief that it stocked drinkable beers and Warrior tossed me a can of something Bavarian.
“Hey Steve-o!” I hated being called Steve-o and made a mental note to deal with that later. “I see Sarge is back to normal more or less. Did he perk up while he was with you?”
I wracked my brain for an answer until surprisingly I realised that the truth would be perfectly adequate. I popped the can and took a swig. “I left him with a couple of convention girls who were very friendly. Maybe he just needed to get laid?”
Warrior laughed. “Wouldn’t be the first time little buddy!” I added ‘little buddy’ to my shit-list of things I didn’t like to be called.
Max turned and smiled to see me. “Good timing Steve, we were just about to head in for the panel.”
The idea of heading back into that seething mass of humanity didn’t appeal. “Panel? I thought the Crew weren’t due to speak until tomorrow?”
Bronze Tiger had moved silently across the room as he was prone to do and slipped an arm over my shoulders excitedly. “You didn’t hear? The Big Gun showed up, so they’re putting on an impromptu right now and we’ve got front row seats!”
My heart skipped a beat. “Atomic Man 4 showed up?”
“No, no, even better.” Bronze Tiger looked as excited as the plebs who I had seen in the hall earlier. “It’s Galactico.”
I looked to Max who was nodding, his face similarly filled with glee. Galactico hadn’t been on earth for nearly a decade and for him to come back and actually agree to take part in a panel, well, it was unprecedented.
It was all I could do to put my just-opened beer down as I was pulled from the lounge by the excited Tiger and we were pushing through the throng to get to Convention room B. For once people didn’t care about the Crew, they were no longer the big ticket item and they didn’t even care.
I let myself be propelled along, but I was lost in my thoughts. This was better than I could have possibly imagined. If I could get a glimpse inside his mind, if I could see what made him tick, it’d be better than scanned every single one of these losers.
I zoned back in and helped Tiger push through the crowd, face palming a small girl out of her wheelchair in order to clear a small space and then quickly moving through to keep up with the Crew. This was what I had been waiting for… I mean, if I’d known that I was waiting for something.
Okay, could do with some thoughts/options/help.
1) The people with superpowers - I feel like I am sometimes calling them "powers" and sometimes "heroes" and I am now sure if either of those terms is right, if it doesn't matter or if I should call them something else.
I've done a straw poll, so if you care then click over here - and let me know.
If you think of a better name then let me know below, but maybe it's not worth worrying about and we'll just end up in one of those situations like a zombie movie where they call them walkers or something but we all know they're zombies and it's stupid they don't call them that.
2) The Superhero Gym - I think maybe we need a new name for the story in general, unless you guys really like that? So if yo have any ideas then let me know them below too and maybe we'll come up with something better.
Thanks for reading!
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Daily Transfer News Thread - 09/25/2018

Auto-Refreshing Transfer News Thread from Sky Sports
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


Join us first thing tomorrow for more news and rumours from the transfer market.


To celebrate Vanarama's new prostate cancer challenge, here's 10 National League players who could be the next Jamie Vardy...
Vanarama, and its newly launched personal leasing brand, Motorama, has set itself a 45-day challenge across September and October to raise £150,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. Lease a van, save a man. Find out more here.
Our friends at Football Whispers have done the hard yards to scour the National League, which sponsored by Vanarama, to find 10 of the most sought-after breakout stars plying their trade in the fifth tier of English football....


Gianfranco Zola believes Eden Hazard can still get better and Maurizio Sarri's style of play will help him reach his full potential this season.


Bolton have moved to snap up free agent Lloyd Dyer after receiving the news Sammy Ameobi will be out of action for another six weeks, reports The Bolton News.


Chelsea’s Eden Hazard says it is “easy to say” Maurizio Sarri is a great manager but “we will see” when the team is not winning games.


Benfica's German goalkeeper Odisseas Vlachodimos is being monitored by a number of clubs, including several from the Premier League, according to Record.
Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle are among the English clubs to have sent scouts to watch the 24-year-old, while Bayern Munich have had him on their radar since his time as a youth player at Stuttgart.
The German champions believe he could have the potential to become the new Manuel Neuer.


Chelsea assistant Gianfranco Zola understands Gary Cahill's frustration at his lack of first-team opportunities, but says he just needs to be patient.


Lukas Klostermann is a target for Bayern Munich and could join as soon as the January transfer window, reports Sport Bild.
The RB Leipzig defender is a German youth international, and at the age of 22 would provide the Bavarians with a long-term option in a number of defensive positions.
However, reports in Germany say that the move would be more likely to happen next summer.


PSG will continue their pursuit of Juventus left-back Alex Sandro and are encouraged that no new contract has been offered to the Brazilian whose current deal expires in 2020.
According to Le 10 Sport, Sporting director at the French champions, Antero Henrique, was the man who brought Alex Sandro to Europe when he signed him for Porto in 2011, and it is believed that the player would be open to a reunion.


Ajax midfielder Frenkie De Jong is becoming one of the most sought-after players in Europe, with Real Madrid and Manchester United the latest frontrunners for his signature, according to De Telegraaf.
The 21-year-old, who can also play in defence, is seen as a long-term replacement for Luka Modric at Real and they are ready to submit an €80m (£71.5m) bid.
Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur and Barcelona have all been linked with the player in the past few months.


Chelsea assistant manager Gianfranco Zola has given his views on Gary Cahill and his lack of playing time so far this season...


Flamengo are hoping to spark a bidding war for promising attacking midfielder Lucas Paqueta and hope the amount they receive will be close to his £45m release fee, according to Calciomercato.
The Brazilian club want to involve the likes of Manchester United, PSG and Barcelona in the auction, while AC Milan and Liverpool have also been linked.


Arsene Wenger made a return to football in a charity fundraiser in memory of Michel Platini's father, Aldo.
The match marked the opening of a new stadium honouring the former AS Nancy director, who died last year, as well as raising money for children's charities.
Father of former UEFA president Michel, Platini gave Wenger his first chance in management with the French side back in 1984.
Head here for more!


Michael Hector has won praise for his versatility after helping Sheffield Wednesday to victory on his first full Owls outing.
"In the second half, Michael had to go from defence into midfield when we changed our formation," manager Jos Luhukay said.
"We changed system two times. Aston Villa began with 4-4-2 and then in the second half changed to 3-4-3 and then after 20 to 25 minutes back to 4-4-2, so Michael was a little bit between the central defence and midfield. I think he did a good job and he helped give the team stability."


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has praised Simon Mignolet after confirming the goalkeeper will play in Wednesday's Carabao Cup third-round clash with Chelsea.
The manager was asked how Mignolet had been after a move away from the club did not materialise for him over the summer, saying: "He has been brilliant. It was as you can imagine - transfer window time is one of two moments in the year when you can make decisions about going somewhere.
"Yes, Simon would have been ready to go to another club, to be the number one, wherever in the world. That was clear.
"But we couldn't do it, and since then he has been brilliant. He trains fantastic. It's all good and he deserves that game absolutely tomorrow. I'm really happy to give him that opportunity."


Brendan Rodgers' son Anton is currently on trial with Scottish Championship side Falkirk, according to Herald Scotland.
The midfielder joined his Dad's side Celtic on their pre-season trip to Australia, but failed to receive a contract offer and recently played the full 90 minutes in Falkirk reserves' 5-1 defeat to Dundee United.


The latest Liverpool transfer rumours state that they have joined AC Milan in the race to sign Dinamo Zagreb winger Dani Olmo, Marca reports.
The Serie A side have been monitoring the 20-year-old for some time and are still favourites but Liverpool, as well as Borussia Dortmund, have now shown interest in the Spaniard who played some of his youth football with Barcelona before moving to Zagreb, where he has enjoyed plenty of first-team football.



Real Madrid president Florentino Perez believes Cristiano Ronaldo will return to the club once his playing days are over, commenting that he is up there with Alfredo Di Stefano in terms of the club’s all-time greats.
“Cristiano has remained in the heart of all Madridistas. If I saw him today I’d give him a big hug, he’s the worthy heir to Di Stefano. One day he’ll return to Real Madrid,” Perez told El Chiringuito.


Football Whispers bring you the latest transfer reports, according to their algorithm.


Napoli are in a hurry to extend the contract of their midfield star Piotr Zielinski to ward of interest from Liverpool, reports.
He is already contracted to the club until 2021, but is reportedly a long time target of Jurgen Klopp, who tried to sign him from Liverpool in 2016.


Jose Mourinho gave Paul Pogba a dressing down after his mistake led to Wolves' equaliser on Saturday, according to The Sun.
The pair reportedly had a confrontation after the game with an eight point gap opening up between Man Utd and Liverpool at the top of the table in the Premier League, and it could signal more speculation over Pogba's future in the coming months.


Aston Villa are to open talks with James Chester over a new contract after Jack Grealish signed a new five-year deal, the Daily Telegraph reports.
Chester has 18 months left on his current deal and was subject to transfer speculation over the summer.


Olivier Giroud hopes that Gary Cahill will stay at Chelsea despite the defender saying he could leave in January.
"We have a lot of good players who can play in the starting XI," the striker said in quotes carried by "The problem is we have four-five centre backs and the coach made his choice. Gary is not in a good position because it is quite tough for him, he doesn’t play so much.
"I understand that he wants to play more. At one stage I was the same and I didn’t like that. We are happy when we are on the pitch. I think his heart is still in Chelsea and hopefully we will keep him because we need him. He needs to be happy, that is the main thing.
"But I hope he stays because he is important for us, he is a very good player. He’s been at Chelsea for six years, he is one of the faces of Chelsea and one of our captains. We need him."


Eden Hazard has praised "great manager" Maurizio Sarri but says "we will see" what the Italian is like when Chelsea enter a bad spell.
"We create a lot of passes and chances. Yesterday we had a bit of trouble [against West Ham] but I think the beginning of the season was great," he told Sky Sports.
"He is a great manager, but it's easy to say when you are winning games. We will see in a bad moment. For sure he is a great manager, and he showed that to the world."


West Brom will complete the signing of former Wolves forward Bakary Sako this week, and they hope to register him in time for Saturday’s game at Preston, Sky Sports News understands.
Sako is a free agent. We’ve been told he’s agreed a deal in principle at the Hawthorns - which will be signed shortly - after turning down a new contract offer with Crystal Palace in the summer.
The 30-year-old scored six goals in 19 appearances for Palace last season, before a fractured ankle in February ended his season. WBA manager Darren Moore has been impressed with Sako’s performances whilst on trial with the club in the last ten days, but wanted to be sure of his fitness before offering him a short-term deal.


Pablo Zabaleta believes Declan Rice has the ability to develop into one of West Ham’s greatest players, and has urged the club to agree a contract extension with the 19-year-old.
"He has the right ability and attitude to become of one of the greatest players for West Ham," Zabaleta said. "West Ham need to think about his situation because even though he is young he looks so mature and he is proving week in, week out he can perform for the team.
"As a team-mate, for me he is one of those young players that you like to look after and help with all the information you can give him.
"You try to help out as much as you can, but then, of course, there are people who make decisions in this club about contracts and all those things and there is nothing I can do about it."


Real Madrid are chasing Nabil Fekir as Chelsea look set to lose out in the race for the Lyon captain, according to The Sun.
The World Cup winner almost made a £52m move to Liverpool in the summer, but fitness concerns stopped the deal, and his good start to the new season means Real Madrid are interested in his services.


Mario Gotze should quit Borussia Dortmund and join Liverpool, according to his former team-mate Kevin Grosskreutz.
He told Sky Germany: “I'm very sorry for Mario Gotze at the moment because stuff is written about him - and only him - every day. In Brugge (Champions League), for example, the whole team didn't play well.
"Maybe it would be good for him to go abroad in the winter to find a bit more peace and bring his career back on track. Klopp knows him quite well, he would be a good fit for Liverpool."


Manchester United and Manchester City will face competition from Real Madrid for Ajax talent Frenkie de Jong, according to the Daily Mail.
There are a host of other clubs who are said to be interested in the 21-year-old - including Tottenham and PSG - and Ajax already rejected a £72m bid from Barcelona for De Jong in the summer.


Alexis Sanchez looks lost at Manchester United, and Jose Mourinho's system does not suit his playing style, according to Paul Merson.
"He looks a bit lost at the moment but that could be confidence," he told The Debate. "I can't believe it's nearly six months without a goal. For someone who is supposed to be that good that's a long time as a forward.
"He's struggling at Manchester United. They don't make as many chances as Arsenal. Arsenal are all out attack but that's not the way they play at Old Trafford. When Arsenal play they just go gung-ho, that's not the case at Manchester United.
"At United, there's a structure and they say let's not get beat first and them go from there. That's why I think he's finding it difficult. At Arsenal it was free-flowing but it wasn't successful, they didn't win anything."


Arsenal are monitoring Rennes' Ismaila Sarr, with Inter Milan also interested in the £20m-rated winger, according to the Daily Mail.
The winger went to the World Cup with Senegal and scored a superb goal in the Europa League last week. However, Rennes insist he will not be sold in January.


Arsenal boss Unai Emery spoke to Sky Sports at FIFA's The Best awards about adapting to the Premier League.


  • West Ham risk losing young star Declan Rice after he turned down their offer of a £12,000-per-week deal. (Daily Mail)
  • Real Madrid are chasing Nabil Fekir as Chelsea look set to lose out in the race for the Lyon captain. (The Sun)
  • Manchester United and Manchester City will face competition from Real Madrid for Ajax talent Frenkie de Jong. (Daily Mail)
  • Newcastle will have a meeting this week to discuss their transfer budget as part of an effort to persuade Rafa Benitez to remain in charge. (Daily Telegraph)
  • Mario Gotze should quit Borussia Dortmund and join Liverpool, according to his former team-mate Kevin Grosskreutz. (The Sun)


Rise and shine football fans, we're revving up the engines of the Transfer Centre for another day. We'll be bringing you all the latest done deals, news and rumours right here so don't go anywhere!
First up, Paper Talk...
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China's real endgame in the trade war runs through Europe

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
In July of the same year, Hungary joined Greece - another distressed European target of Chinese largesse - in blocking reference to Beijing in a Brussels statement on the illegality of Chinese claims in the South China Sea.
The Bavarian Alps might seem an unusual place to reflect on China's growing global influence, in a week that begin with U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping working to avoid a trade war in Argentina and advanced to Canadian authorities arrest of Chinese tech company Huawei's CFO in Vancouver, at US request on suspicion of Iran sanctions violations.
Growing Sino-US tensions have brought Europe new export chances in China but at the same time China has shifted considerable export and foreign investment efforts to Europe to replace lost American markets.
At the same time, a new Trump-Xi trade deal could shake Europe as well, as China's state driven economy could decide overnight to replace European products with US goods for political purposes.
Despite facing new scrutiny, China is undeterred in its European strategy, taking advantage of European divisions, America's trade strains with Europe and the urgent investment needs of particularly Southern and Eastern European countries.
During Xi's visit, China and Portugal further deepened their economic partnership, with Lisbon agreeing to cooperate in China's Belt and Road Initiative as it hopes to garner increased Chinese infrastructure and energy investments.
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Chicago Sports Related Subs (27-Aug - 03-Sep Edition)

I've combed through many of our Chicago Sport related subreddits, and these are the top posts from this week:
Hi, I'm a bot. Thankfully, I'm not AutoModerator. My job is just to gather some of the best posts from our neighbors. The intention is to create awareness of the speciality subs that relate to Chicago Sports. If you have a suggestion about what other subreddits that I should check out or feedback, please send use the message moderators link on the sidebar.
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[EVENT] IAA 2039 — International Motor Show

The International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, IAA) is the largest auto show in the world, attracting hundreds of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors. In odd-numbered years it takes place in Frankfurt and focuses on passenger vehicles, whereas in even-numbered years the event is held in Hannover and focuses on commercial vehicles. Every year the IAA is the prime event for German and other international automotive manufacturers to present their products to the public, and to establish new ties within the industry.
This is the first IAA after some important new legislation was announced, so naturally these topics are dominating the expo.

Volkswagen Group

Within the VW Group, Audi are continuing their position as leader in autonomous driving. Given the new legislative breakthrough enabling the sale of completely driverless cars in 2040, the company is scrambling to make their designs ready for the market. Level 5 autonomous cars will be introduced in different configurations, some optimized for private use while others are purpose-designed as taxis or rideshares, looking to especially attract corporate customers.
In the next years, the group plans to lay out an extensive plan that will bring full autonomy to all almost all passenger car brands (including the newly re-founded Saab).
Another government announcement has heralded the end of conventionally-fueled trucks and commercial vehicles. Because these are also a major part of the Volkswagen business, the group is prepared for some significant changes. Light commercial vehicles with electric motors are already very present in the VW product range, but the production of emission-free heavy trucks must be increased and embraced. For that purpose, new models will be designed with electric, fuel cell and other sustainable propulsion.


As the world's largest truck manufacturer, the Daimler AG is obviously also investing in that area. The company has mostly put their money on fuel cell technology in the market of carbon-neutral heavy trucks. New models will be made not only for the domestic market, but also foreign regions under all brands (Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Fuso, Bharat Benz).
In the passenger market, Daimler is also excited to introduce their first fully driverless cars to the domestic market in 2040. After decades of development, the company is trying to establish the Mercedes-Benz brand as world leader in safe autonomous driving.


The Bavarian company has already shown off their driverless technology a lot in the past, and have engaged strongly in government lobbying to introduce the reforms that were now finally passed. This means that the BMW group is rather well prepared for these new changes.
New Level 5 autonomous passenger cars will be brought to the market as quickly as possible by BMW, using all the latest technology.


The freshly announced ban on registrations of conventionally-powered light & heavy commercial vehicles is seen as an opportunity by StreetScooter. With years of experience under the hood and existing electric truck models, the DHL-owned company hopes to find many new customers on the domestic market for their modern and innovative products.
Accordingly, a new full-electric heavy-duty truck was announced, which is supposed to bring competition into that market segment.


Further advancements of autonomous driving are a positive development for the future of HERE. The company will cooperate with all three major German car makers (who own significant shares in the company) to implement improved common standards in vehicular communication, mapping and other important parts of the software side to automating traffic. They will also market their traffic analysis and control services to governments and cities, which obviously desire such high-quality data and knowledge.
[M] Note: I make posts like this one every year about different trade fairs held in Germany. This is where I will write about general industrial developments and innovations that don't deserve their own posts. If your country also has a major company operating in the sector that each of these posts are about, please feel free to add something in the comments.
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[EVENT] IAA 2035 — International Motor Show

The International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, IAA) is the largest auto show in the world, attracting hundreds of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors. In odd-numbered years it takes place in Frankfurt and focuses on passenger vehicles, whereas in even-numbered years the event is held in Hannover and focuses on commercial vehicles. Every year the IAA is the prime event for German and other international automotive manufacturers to present their products to the public, and to establish new ties within the industry.
Some of the German manufacturers' highlights in 2035:

Volkswagen Group

In 2033, the Volkswagen SE (through Bugatti) has acquired the Croatian Rimac Automobili, a manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicles, drivetrains and other systems. This valuable technology and knowledge will be put to use, with the Rimac-developed systems integrated in various platforms of the VW Group. The Rimac brand and business of making high-performance cars will be continued with large autonomy. The company will focus on developing and hand-crafting very specialized electric supercars with very limited production runs, catering to specific customer wishes, continuing to be based in Croatia. Their design studio also remains autonomous.


A new rebranding of the Mercedes-Benz car lineup was announced. The company will be moving away from the EQ designation, seeing it as redundant because all new models are built to EQ standards anyway. This will be essentially a move back to the simplified class-based designations of 2015/2020. Some fresh model iterations were also introduced that will be the first to use the new nomenclature.
Smart meanwhile unveiled a new fuel cell version of their popular city car, which is explored as an alternative option to battery-electric propulsion.


The Bavarians presented their latest, safest version of driverless vehicles. They hope that continuous new technology demonstrators will win over public opinion, where many still doubt the total safety of the autonomous systems.


Deutsche Post DHL has announced this year that their entire global vehicle fleet is now completely powered by alternative methods, most of which using electric StreetScooter bikes, vans and trucks. In some cases, other manufacturers have been chosen for specific vehicles.


The world's leading automotive data service provider has announced a new global offensive to create highly detailed maps of all public streets in the world. While the company already has nearly universal coverage of European, North American and East Asian countries, high-detail map data is limited to major cities in less developed countries. This is a serious impediment to evolving automotive technology in these regions. By providing full HQ map data of previously mostly undocumented areas, HERE will improve their market position and enable new global innovations.
Of course, their infotainment, navigation and autonomous driving products are also constantly evolving.
[M] Note: I make posts like this one every year about different trade fairs held in Germany. This is where I will write about general industrial developments and innovations that don't deserve their own posts. If your country also has a major company operating in the sector that each of these posts are about, please feel free to add something in the comments.
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[CLAIM]East Germany

I was the Bavarian Communist before, so I can role play a German Communist. My plan is to improve the economy and become the richest Warsaw Pact member. I want to build up my industry, especially auto. I will also attempt to unify Germany, though my goal is to do it through peaceful means. I'm going to build up my army, and be friendly and trade with Warsaw Pact members.
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[EVENT] IAA 2027 — International Motor Show

The International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, IAA) is the largest auto show in the world, attracting hundreds of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors. In odd-numbered years it takes place in Frankfurt and focuses on passenger vehicles, whereas in even-numbered years the even is held in Hannover and focuses on commercial vehicles. Every year the IAA is the prime event for German and other international automotive manufacturers to present their products to the public, and to establish new ties within the industry.


Further new models and improvements in the company's lineup of electric and autonomous cars were announced.
Level 5 autonomous vehicle testing is still happening. This degree of autonomy proves difficult to implement with absolute safety, and legislative barriers continue to prevent the introduction of the technology to the market.

Volkswagen Group

The conglomerate is registering a further increase of electric vehicle sales in almost all markets, confirming their plans to move away from combustion engine production for the mass market in the future.
As announced in 2025, Volkswagen Group has built their second battery 'gigafactory' to supply their own production needs in Wolfsburg.


BMW are increasingly coming closer to eliminating combustion engine cars from their normal lineup, phasing out more and more older models in favour of full-electric new ones.
The Bavarian company is also working on the next level of autonomous cars to become available in the next years.


The Deutsche Post/DHL subsidiary has finally presented their new electric delivery truck, the StreetScooter Range. It is larger than all previous StreetScooter Work variants or other models of the manufacturer, and DHL seeks to utilize the Range in great numbers to replace other delivery vehicles. With its larger capacity, greater range and higher speed the model will be more viable outside of urban areas and for longer-distance transport of goods.
This will bring DHL another step closer to reaching their goal of becoming a emission-free corporation.
[M] Note: I make posts like this one every year about different trade fairs held in Germany. This is where I will write about general industrial developments and innovations that don't deserve their own posts. If your country also has a major company operating in the sector that each of these posts are about, please feel free to add something in the comments.
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roscopip - YouTube Automatic Cake Processing Machines Inside The Cake Factory ... Little Bavaria EP 001 The ONLY Forex Trading Video You Will EVER Need - YouTube I Coded A Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! - YouTube

The Bavarian Auto Group, the sole MINI importer in Egypt, is offering all the latest models of the British brand in the local market. Customers looking to purchase vehicles of this brand have the ... 2- Create and set place the purchasing order for BAVARIAN AUTO TRADING with BMW AG 3- Establish a new point of sales for BATC at Egypt. 4- Set planes for purchasing and sales Accessories and life style spare parts 5- Employees ( hire & fire) ESSENTIAL FUNCTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES Bavarian Auto Group is a multinational group of companies established in March 2003 when it was appointed as the sole importer of BMW and MINI in Egypt, with exclusive rights for import, assembly ... The Bavarian Auto Group is an Egyptian enterprise for manufacturing and selling BMW vehicles on the local market. The headquarters of the BAG is located in the Kattameya. The assembly plant of the company is located in 6th of October City. Government Customs Records Notifications available for Bavarian Auto Parts Sas. See their past imports from Ferdinand Bilstein Gmbh Co. Kg. Bilsteingroup, a supplier based in Suiza. Follow future shipping activity from Bavarian Auto Parts Sas.

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roscopip - YouTube

Initial set up of MetaTrader 4 platform to allow auto trading from trendlines using FX AlgoTrader's Trendline Trade Pro expert advisor. For more information ... S&P E-MINI FUTURES AUTO TRADING ROBOT TRADINGVIEW Trades 100% Automatically 💰. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We develop and automate any ... #Python #Trading #Programming I Coded A Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! Download kite by clicking this link: More amazing videos: COCONUT Processing in Factory: Amazing Skills Harvest SALMON EGGS: TUNA Proces... The Best Pro Trade Automated Scalping Trading Systems Automated Trading System Best Pro Trade’s auto-trader is a state-of-the-art program to trade futures, F...