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ATTN: Analysts looking to market your work! Alpha test TIMM!

Soon analysts will be able to post their Steem articles on TIMM!

As promised in our announcement the other day, the TIMM blog is now live on our site. While not super functional yet, it's moving along.
As we roll out functionality, we could use some help in testing each feature as it is launched, beginning with how well the interface, posting and payout code is working. It can be tricky dialing in the beneficiary rewards, though TIMM is fairly straightforward in this regard.

Who this is for

We're looking for five authors to join us in building out the initial product. These five authors will be selected based on desire, content provided, dedication to help get TIMM off the ground and participation. As a reward for your willingness to test TIMM features, you will be provided with Premium Membership privileges.

What does Premium Membership include?

Ability to charge subscription fees to your services Private blog Private webinar services Private chat room Private forum More as we roll it out Full functionality will not be ready for about a month. But we need help dialing in basic features now, so the trade will be mutually beneficial. We need you to help us test our basic membership services first (all of which are included in Premium Membership).

What does basic Membership include?

Steem powered TIMM blog RSS feed to your TIMM blog Ability to give and receive tips Participation in forums Social tools Access to charts Portfolio tracking We'll explain more about this in an article soon!

How it'll work

Later this week we will have Steem posting functionality working. But, as with so many tech things, it's possible that this won't be working correctly, so we need to test it. That's where you come in.
What TIMM needs you to do is to set up your account and test the features as they roll out. Initially, this will be the Steem blockchain integration. So you will need to post at least two articles a day through the TIMM site so that we can monitor and make sure that all the features are working as they should.
You'll join us in our TIMM Discord server to discuss the features, problems, ideas, etc with the team, providing feedback and helping us to make it what it should be. As we roll out each feature, you'll test it to make sure it's doing what it promises to do. After a month or so of testing, we should have all the features set up and you'll be off and running.
Of course, we'll want to keep you as a tester for future features, so will keep you in the loop as we continue to improve TIMM. But your only obligation is the first round. From that point on, you'll have all the benefits of a paying Premium Member, for as long as the service is available (your benefit will be non-transferable).

What to do

If this sounds good to you, please send the following information to Support ( at ) MentorMarket ( dot ) io:
Links to five of your analytical articles Your Steem username/s Links to your website/s Links to social profiles you currently use Agreement to participate in alpha testing throughout the month of June Reason you want to join Please also post a comment to this announcement signifying that you've emailed us If you are on Discord, you can reach out to us in our new Discord channel as well.
If you already have services established, this is probably not for you. Except in very rare situations, Premium Members will have a non-compete agreement with TIMM and links to competing services will be forbidden.

What we're proposing

In a nutshell: Help build TIMM so that TIMM can help you market your skills to subscribers. Uniting analysts and investors for mutual profit!
Please follow TIMM's voting trail on SteemAuto.
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4, 3, 2, 1… We Have Ignition

Today marks the official launch of Alpha testing on TIMM.

Posted from the Steem Powered TIMM Blog

This is the first TIMM post coming directly from TIMM.

And, as of today, you are able to post directly to Steem through the TIMM interface as well. What does that mean for you?
Well, our alpha testers are busy making sure the features we have so far are working while they offer insight into how they could work better. This also means that anyone can go to TIMM and set up their accounts now. Feel free to poke around, test features, etc. It’s rough around the edges and still missing a lot of functionality, but the main Steem functionality is all there.
It works like this:
  1. Go to TIMM
  2. Set up account by clicking on “Login” in the upper right, taking you here
  3. Click the green “Sign Up” button
  4. Input your Email and Password and click “Register”
  5. Watch for the verification email and click on the link.
  6. You’re in!
If you want to connect your Steem account, just go to your profile and click on the “Link Steem” button on the left. It’s probably the only button on the left working at this point.
This will take you through the Steem Connect app so that you can use TIMM for posting, upvoting and commenting. Please don’t use your Steem password. There’s no need to. Just use your Active Key. TIMM doesn’t store your key anyways. But it’s good practice to never use your Steem password for anything that doesn’t absolutely require it. Even then, be skeptical because it’s very rarely needed.
You are able to post to the Steem blockchain from there now. You can’t break anything though, so feel free to mess around, if you’re so inclined.

Shout-out To Our Alpha Testers

We want to recognize the folks who have stepped up to help us test the features of TIMM as they roll out over the next month. We really appreciate their support and investment in making TIMM an amazing community and advisory platform.
One of the things that struck us as we received notice from volunteers was the character displayed. They each had different concerns with how things would work, if they were the right fit and that sort of thing. In other words, they weren’t just focused on themselves, but on the united effort.
A couple of them are family men. They made it clear from the outset that their families come first. Amen! TIMM couldn’t be happier than to have people of great character willing to help build a great community. We’d take 100 of these types of people any day.
So, thanks to our alpha testers. Here they are, in alphabetical order:
Please check out their blogs and encourage the work they do. If you’re not an analyst and wonder what’s in it for you, check out our recent articleabout TIMM Membership.

Alpha is Alpha

TIMM is still being built.
We’re glad that readers understand that not everything works when under development. Rest assured that we have a ton of cool features in store for TIMM. Many aren't even showing a hint of existing yet.
You should be able to set up a TIMM account now, link to your Steem account and post on the Steem blockchain from TIMM. We’re hoping to have profile editing available within a few days, then another batch of features by the end of the week.
Please feel free to test what is functional to make sure it’s actually working and let us know what you think so far. Of course, if something is buggy or just not performing, let us know about that too.
Thank you for all your encouragement. We look forward to realizing the vision with you.
Uniting experts and novices for mutual profit!
Follow TIMM's voting trail on SteemAuto.
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Published on by TIMM
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Unveiling TIMM - Tentative Timeline

TIMM is ambitious in its pursuit of mutual profit. Add your ambition to ours!
As a result of our announcement over the weekend, several analysts have approached us with a desire of being among our alpha testers. TIMM still has room for more, so please let us know if you’d like to be included. As a reminder - Successful alpha testers will receive Premium Membership at no cost.
Sometime this evening we’re looking forward to an update of the TIMM site. It’s still really pre-alpha, so there’s not nearly as much reflected in the paint job as is going on under the hood. But, we assure you, it’s a pretty sweet ride with some nice features.

What you can expect

Well, “expect” might be too strong of a term. We all know how development can go. You think you have it all figured out and that it’ll be just as planned, then something is broken and you can’t find that single character in that one command buried in bazillions of lines of code that’s causing TIMM to rebel against it’s makers.
BUT, we do have a general timeline we’re shooting for:
  1. By next Monday (4th) we expect to have the ability for our alpha testers to start blogging from their new Steem powered TIMM blogs. At the same time, readers should be able to open any article on TIMM and login using their Steem credentials so they can upvote, resteem and comment. This is a huge step in rolling out the free features of TIMM.
  2. After that, most of the features will be more focused on Premium Membership services. About a week later (11th), users should be able to start testing various features to see how they work, though there will still be limited functionality.
  3. By the 18th we’re hoping to have the Mentor area set up with the ability to offer Premium Membership, take payments, offer newsletters and integrate social broadcasting features.
  4. Then, hopefully, on the 25th we’ll roll out the rest of the features, including the Trading Pits (TIMM's real time live chat rooms), forums and a tipping feature to promote mutual rewarding in our community.
Realistically, we’ll be tickled to death if all this is ready by the end of June. But this is our goal and we’re encouraged with how things are proceeding and lining up.
Registered Members will have access to quite a few features. We’ll share more about those later. But, as a teaser, you will have access to posting on TIMM from your own Steem powered TIMM blog, complete with your own RSS feed as well as other perks.
Stay tuned to learn more!
Uniting experts and novices for mutual profit!
Please follow TIMM's growing voting trail on SteemAuto.
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Why TIMM Membership

The other day we focused more on what we’re offering the analysts, or Mentors.

It only makes sense, since the features we’re offering must suit their needs or they can’t offer their services to Members. In pursuit of that, as noted, we’re seeking alpha testers.
But there are plenty of features available for all Members. A couple of features we’re providing may end up in the Premium Members’ area, mostly because they’re expensive to build and will require funding to maintain. But we’ll provide as much as we can for free, to help provide a great experience for basic Members and a good way for them to interact with the Mentors.
Some of these features include:

Steem Powered TIMM Blog

Yes, this isn’t just for Premium Membership. This is for anyone who wants to publish using TIMM’s Steem interface. All you have to do is register on TIMM and log in to the Steem blockchain using your username and posting key.
While we’re still working through some of the features of this, our plan is to have three levels of posting. It’ll work something like this:
  1. Post directly to the blockchain - While we plan to improve the text editor, this is pretty simple and doesn’t really require much more than what you already do to post. TIMM will automatically include “Posted from TIMM” along with a link at the bottom of your article and will receive 5% payout. These will not be featured on the TIMM website.
  2. Submit to TIMM for publication - These will be reviewed by TIMM’s editors to consider them for publication on TIMM. If accepted, they will be featured and automatically receive a resteem as well as be broadcasted on TIMM’s social channels. At the bottom of these will be added Published on TIMM (with logo) Legal Disclaimer: This will be the standard CYA stuff, protecting both the author and TIMM TIMM will receive 15% of the payout. Many of these will be upvoted by the TIMM voting trail.
  3. Approved Authors - Some trusted authors will be approved by TIMM to publish directly to TIMM without going through the approval process. All of the above will apply, except that TIMM will receive 10% of the payout and these authors are most likely to get upvoted by the TIMM voting trail (register on [SteemAuto](https://%28https//
RSS Feed - Your Steem powered TIMM blog will include an RSS feed so that you can passively broadcast your articles wherever RSS is useful, including social sites, other websites, your own newsletter service, etc. This allows you to set up another means to attract readers to your Steem blockchain content on TIMM.

Member Forum Access

Visitors will have limited access to some of the forum material. Registered Members will have access to more features and be able to post and comment. This will also provide more exposure to Mentors, where they may engage, post articles, share insights, etc.
TIMM may post special offerings or perks in this area as well, for Member access or download.

Trading Pits

The Trading Pits are where the live action is. While the shouts and signing of the real pits has largely given way to electonic trading and algorythms, TIMM’s Trading Pits are sure to be lively and active.
This is our chat room designed specifically for TIMM. There will be many levels, with most of them being for Premium Members. TIMM will have a Trading Pit set up where Members can share their insights, ask questions and get to know some of the Mentors better.


There’s nothing quite like getting an immediate reward for a job well done. But it can be equally pleasing to be able to offer an instant reward for helpful valuable insights. That’s what our tipping feature is about.
If you receive valuable insight from someone, especially if they’ve helped you make a profitable trade, you can reward them right on the spot with our tipping tool. Of course, if you give them great insight, they can tip you as well!
Our intent is to have this working on every part of TIMM, including blogs and forums as well as the Trading Pits. That way you can pay someone back if they provide particularly good information or insight in any setting.


We’re still working through this one. The Premium Members will certainly have more robust features. But we’re considering offering some scaled down versions for Members as well. Maybe you can join us and be part of the discussion.
We’re still preparing for the next version of TIMM. It’s anticipated to have the ability to set up your account, log into Steem, post and engage. The layout will change a bit too. Keep your eyes open. We’ll be rolling it out soon.
Uniting experts and novices for mutual profit!
Follow TIMM's voting trail on SteemAuto.
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